Village Homecare Services is the largest independent provider of Domiciliary Homecare Services in Wales. We currently provide services in the counties of Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Caerphilly, Newport and Pembrokeshire.

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Outcome Focussed Care – Revolution or Evolution?

Back in May 2007 we took the decision as a Company to change the way that we deliver our services to our customers. We decided to become outcome focussed, but was this a revolution or simply evolution?

This way of working changed the way we look at things with all of our customers, and it changed the way we deliver our services to them. Instead of just agreeing the tasks that we need to provide, like personal care, shopping, preparing meals etcetera, we also agree how these tasks will help the customer achieve certain outcomes that will enable them to maintain their independence. These outcomes are things like physical and emotional well-being, economic well-being, being safe and secure in their own homes, being able to use local community services and keeping in contact with friends and family.

We are limited though, because although we have this model in place we are still restricted by the task based contracts we have with our Local Authorities. So for now we can’t bank time, which means our customers can’t use the time they have been allocated when they most need it. We can’t react to customers needs as quickly as we would want to because we have to go back to our Local Authorities to get Care Plans changed before we do anything new, and we can’t always get approval to do the things our customers tell us they want us to do for them because they are out of the ordinary. For things to really change we need our partners in the Public Sector to also move forward and give us outcome based contracts.

In Swansea they are trying to find this way forward and we are part of the All Together Now project in the Mumbles looking at how outcome based contracts for domiciliary care can work for the public, for the provider and for the Local Authority. It’s a small pilot, 10 clients for 3 months but it is already showing us the challenges and the opportunities this way of working produces.

So was it revolution or evolution? As revolutionaries we would be guilty of trying to replace one system with another, as evolutionists we are guilty of trying to develop an existing system into a more efficient and effective system.

This entry was posted on Monday, July 6th, 2009